Güller Latin AmericaCirca 1870, Swiss postal administrators permitted Güller & Cie, the sole manufacturer of Swiss cancelers, to produce devices for other countries. The cancelers had to differ in appearance from regulation Swiss cancel design, so Güller created a different look for these foreign postal administrations. It appears the company developed a style book from which designs could be chosen, then custom-ized. Examples in this exhibit emphasize the variety Güller made for Latin American customers starting in 1881. Their common feature was the rotating date wheel invented by Güller in 1866. Post-1904 examples made for Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela, are of particular interest as they incorporated the new flexible-head design patented in 1903 by Swiss engineer Frédéric de Coppet.

Link to single frame exhibit:
Swiss Made Cancelers Used in Latin America 1881-1936

This exhibit won a single frame Vermeil at SANDICAL 2016.

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