Razor Cancels
In 1866 Güller & Sons made the first rotating date-wheel cancelers for Swiss Post, Telephone, and Telegraph (PTT). Twenty-three years later in 1889 Frédéric de Coppet patented his first flexible-head canceler mechanism combining both technologies. His patent described the most significant canceler design in the history of the Swiss PTT. These handmade test cancelers were named “razor” cancelers by British collectors in the 1970’s and have become known as “rasierklingenstempel” in Switzerland.

Link to 9 frame exhibit:
DeCoppet Razor Cancels of Switzerland

Link to Power Point Presentation:
DeCoppet Razor Cancels of Switzerland
– 34.3MB download.

This exhibit won the Grand Multiframe Award at PIPEX 2017 in Portland, OR and was shown at StampShow 2017 in Richmond VA.

The exhibit in various forms has won over 10 Gold Awards since 2007, including Stampshow 2007, Garfield-Perry 2008, WESTPEX 2012, CHICAGOPEX 2012, and PIPEX 2015.

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    Am giving a talk to the Greater Eugene and Springfield Stamp club.


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